Tanyas Wellness Farm & Spa

We need to raise funds for this project.‚Äč

We are a 501C3 and all donations are tax deductable.

We need Sponsorship along side donations

Help us create a community based retreat for both the mind and body. This retreat will aid individuals in developing positive coping skills while increasing self-esteem. Imagine Having a place you can go to when your having a stressfull day and just need to gety away from it all, and know you have it close by. This is the place you can go for a few hours or the entire day. We can make a huge impact on our community by redusing stress and creating this retreat together.
Horse Barn
We will need a custom barn with extra grooming/tacking areas for the grooming therapy. We will need benches for the clients to sit down on when they need to rest during their grooming of the horses.
Indoor riding Arena
An indoor riding arena is essential for riding and coaching year round
Event Center
Our Event Center will help to financially support the up keep of the farm. This will be a revenue stream to not only maintain the property, but to take care of the animals and pay the staff. We will also use this for the...
Truck and Trailer
We will need a truck and trailer to move, pick up and take the animals to hospitals and for vet visits.
We need to source design and purchase a large amount of wigs to have in stock for clients.
Spa/Coffee Shop
If the spa/coffee shop do not connect to the event center then we will need to build that as well